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Jenn Carr- REALTOR- eXp Realty
4 months ago
Hello all!! Let me start off by saying that Common Sense Healing has been an absolute blessing to me! I’m feeling better. Sleeping better. I can’t say enough great things about Dawn and all of the amazing things she is doing. I never thought acupuncture would be a solution to my issues but man was I wrong. Totally and completely life changing. Make an appointment and see what it’s all about, you definitely won’t be disappointed.
a month ago
My dog began treatments in April after an initial diagnosis of a slipped disc causing him a lot of pain to walk, jump and lay down - even simple daily tasks for him were excruciating. Coupled w/ changing his diet to many safe fruits and vegetables w his kibble, and these treatments, he is a much healthier and happy dog. He now enjoys 2+ mile daily walks, playing w other dogs and sleeping ON my bed. We no longer have to use a ramp to get him in the car. I am very pleased with my choice to go this route, instead of surgical! My friends can not believe this is the same dog from a few months ago! I highly recommend!
Adam Iudiciani
a month ago
I am a disabled Veteran struggling with a serious spine injury from Military Service and have been utilizing multiple forms of pain management. I just a couple of visits I have been getting great results with PEMF and acupuncture..highly recommend giving it a chance with Common Sense Healing! They are true professionals and even better people that care about each and ever patient! I will stay with the team forever!! R, Adam
Brian Beck
3 months ago
Nothing but good things to saw about Dawn and her practice! She really cares deeply about her patients and you can tell she really enjoys what she does. She is incredibly knowledgeable and always goes above and beyond to help identify potential root causes of any issues and works diligently to address them. My wife has been going for a bit over six months for acupuncture and has had a great experience. Dawn also used the magnawave on my wrist which had a pain that had been lingering for months, after the magnawave I haven't had any issues since. One of the best health care experiences I've had in quite a while.
Ronnie Hamlin
3 months ago
The treatment room is absolutely wonderful and so relaxing. Red Light & Magna Wave Therapy has helped tremendously, I don’t have to take any pain meds, muscle relaxers, nerve blockers for about 3-4 days! That’s a great feeling! I highly recommend Common Sense Healing for this type of therapy treatment for anyone who is having nerve/muscle pain. Schedule an appointment, you will feel the difference the same day!